Internet of Things and Smart Grid Energy Management

Smart Grid is a new emerging technology that will be mandatory for the future electrical network to generate, transmit, distribute, manage and monitor electrical energy and its usage. The major contribution will be from the communication technologies specifically wireless, that are going to make the grid smarter by enabling two way communication. So far, the interface of smart devices is limited to the transmission and distribution side of the power grid, while its interface with the consumer as well as consumer energy consumption is not given a major significance. Based on inferences obtained from the survey conducted in the university, a Smart Energy Management System (SEMs) is proposed in this book. SEMs will make use of Internet Of Things (IOT) along with more than one type of wireless communication techniques based on the requirement, to collect energy information from the users and communicate it to the central server. A SEM intelligent sensor node is deployed in the building to use energy even more efficiently based on the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc) and user comfort levels with a decision algorithm for optimization of energy consumption.

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