In search of the Ethical IoT Financial Models - IoT Day - Russia
The Internet of Things immerses us in the world of cyber-physical systems. The information ocean is filled with many new data sources, mechanisms for their interaction and processing, which shape the data economy and the related business and financial models. And speaking of data, we cannot skip personal data and community-related data sets, leading us to anthropological questions, including ethics one.
Vectors of the panel discussion:
- Who could define which date could be collected? We aim to consider the perspective situations when corporations gather data at a deeply personal level by new NBICs tech. What kind of consensus can be formed between a person (user), information environment, corporations, and the state? What kind of ethics and moral principles could be helpful across different communities?
- From ethics about the date we go up to about ethics in algorithms, many of them are related to security issues and deal with humane life directly or indirectly. IoT has expanded the border of interactions; more and more business models are emerging in which there is remote control over decision-making. A motorcycle safety vest won't work if it's not paid on time from the latest discussion cases. What does this tell us about the ethical side of such a financial model?

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