International IoT Day 2020 - Global Online Meetup

IoT Day started in 2010 and is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to set up an event, a lunch, a talk with the neighborhood on what #IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all of us. This year the entire scope will be virtual.

The Internet of Things global community consists of developers and experts, who use in routine workflow the advantages provided by information and communication technologies and innovative projects. The digital reality becomes a major feature of global processes, among which the most pressing and challenging is the COVID19 pandemic. Epidemiology goes between contaminants and mitigations in dealing with the pandemic. IoT would likely play a major role in the recovery phases between mitigation to contaminants. One of the things IoT is good at is data collection and in this case, health data of the individuals.

On the occasion of the International Internet of Things Day on April 9, 2020 the Russian Internet of Things Research and Consulting Center is convening the online expert discussion “IoT and COVID19”. The discussion will be joined by:


Confirmed Speakers:

- Rob van Kranenburg, Founder of Internet of Things Council and the IoT day.

- David Li, Co-founder and CEO, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

- Vadim Chekletsov, CEO of Internet of Things — Russia

- Dimitrios Psarrakis, Economic and Monetary Policy Advisor, European Parliament

The participants will address the main question: How to balance privacy and public health with the IoT means in the circumstances of unfolding pandemic. In particular the case of China will be examined, which shows the extreme of the spectrum with total trust to the government of the private data and interesting applications, that are being developed to collect those to assist in the recovery and containment effort.

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